Stop 3 of the BTX Tour - Wilhelmshaven / Varel Harbor: Nature

27. April 2017

#Bird watching

The value of the Wadden Sea on the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony was recognized when it was made a national park in 1986. With the amendment to the National Parks Act in March 2010, the area was extended to cover around 345,000 ha. This makes the “Niedersächsische Wattenmeer” Germany’s second largest national park.


Stop 5 of the BTX Tour - Skagen: species to expect

24. April 2017

#Telescopes #Bird watching

Many seabirds prefer to use the coast as guidelines during migration. These birds can also be observed at Skagen in high numbers both in spring and autumn.


Stop 5 of the BTX Tour - Skagen: the location

24. April 2017

#Bird watching #Telescopes

Due to its geographical position and climatic conditions, Denmark is situated on one of the main bird migratory routes in Europe. In spring migratory bird species are leaving their wintering quarters in western Europe, the Mediterranean countries and Africa and move north to north-east to their breeding grounds in Scandinavia and Russia.

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