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The “Wild Goose Festival of Tata” is organized by the Komarom-Esztergom county chapter of the Birdlife Hungary, the National Park Authority of Duna-Ipoly and the Nature Conservation of Száz Völgy, since 2001.
This unusual encounter of nature and culture is what makes the city of Tata so special and magical.

Tata is the “City of Water” with the most significant water castle in Hungary. There are several historic monuments of baroque architecture mixed with modern age constructions, that creates a special “must see” background for bird watching!

This is not a loud festival with music and merchant’s fair, but still it has its own special flavor. This is an affair, where the many thousands of wild goose provide the entertainment, and we, the visitors are the audience. The Wild Goose Festival of Tata” is not only a cavalcade of wild geese, but the gathering of fowlers, birdwatchers and conservationists.

The theme of our series of daily events is to greet the migrating wild geese, who are coming to us from the far north regions.

- 30. November 2019

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