digital guide 101: tips & tricks for your dG

October 14 2020


digital guide 101: tips & tricks for your dG

In stores since February: the digital guide – or dG in its abbreviated form. It is not only a powerful long-range optical device with incredible clarity, but can do so much more: the dG is the first long-range optical device with automatic animal identification. At the touch of a button you can take pictures of the animals around you, identify them thanks to dedicated apps and also share your observations with your friends via live stream.

We have compiled the most important tips and tricks for you so that you can unleash the full potential of your dG. This will make your outdoor adventures with friends and family even more fun! #staycurious




1. How can I adjust the dG perfectly (to me)?

Before your first outdoors adventure, we recommend that you adjust the dG to your needs. Turn the eyecups to the appropriate position depending on whether you use the dG with or without glasses. Mount the eyepiece cover and carrying strap and carry out the diopter adjustment. You find the most important steps in the Quickguide that comes with your dG or >> HERE.


2. Do I have all the apps I need?

After the device has been set up, install the main apps. Take a quiet moment of your time for this step and your dG will be ready for your outdoors adventures. First install the SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG app, which allows you to connect your dG to up to 5 mobile devices. Once this app is ready for use, you can install the additional apps such as the Merlin Bird ID app and the dG Mammals app. You will use these two later to identify and share your discoveries. All three apps are available for all major smartphones on the App Store or Google Play.

By the way: If you are outdoors in the field later on, an internet connection is no longer necessary. The integrated WiFi hotspot with a range of 5 meters allows several companions to follow your observations via live stream.



3. How do I take good photos with my dG?

Observing and photographing with the same device - this is one of the great advantages of the dG. Thanks to the 8x magnification and the incredible focal length you are very close to the action. Of course, this also means that a steady hand is important when taking pictures. Find a firm footing, maybe lean onto something and concentrate on the animal you want to photograph. After you press the shutter button on the top of your dG, the minimal delay allows you to stabilize once again. CLICK - and you have a wonderful photo of your sighting.

Keep in mind: Before you can start taking pictures, you must connect the dG to your smartphone once.




4. How can I share my discoveries with my companions?

It is so much fun to roam through nature together and share discoveries with each other. Up to five friends can dial into your live stream using a barcode – given that they previously installed the SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG app on their devices. This allows you to share your experiences with your companions in real time, or later via your social networks.

Tip: Each of your companions may not only follow the live stream, but also capture a photo themselves at any time. This is especially fun for children.





5. And there's more...

What else should you know about the dG? Oh, yes:

Your dG is splash-proof. Therefore, do dare to use the device outdoors in nature, for example in the rain. Our binoculars are built exactly for these adventures, for experiences in the middle of the action, close to nature.

Don't forget to charge the battery of your dG before your excursions. It will allow you to enjoy even long tours. Consider taking an additional powerbank with you to charge your smartphone’s battery.

In addition to the Merlin Bird ID app and the dG Mammals app, you can also load your photos into other popular apps via your smartphone and identify your observations in this way. So the world’s your oyster.

Please find more useful information about the dG and our FAQs  >> HERE.

And now: Have fun discovering, photographing, identifying and sharing.




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