“Every bird you look at seems to change into gold with the NL Pure”- Arjan Dwarshuis

August 05 2020

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“Every bird you look at seems to change into gold with the NL Pure”- Arjan Dwarshuis

"Awesome product!" - that was Arjan Dwarshuis' reaction to our latest innovation: the NL Pure. The Dutch Birder was among the first people to try these brand-new binoculars. Let’s find out how he felt about it and when he last experienced a real #onewithnature moment.

You were one of the first ones to try our latest innovation. What do you think about the wide field of view of the NL Pure?

To me, this is one of the best features of the NL Pure. I do a lot of migratory bird counting in the Netherlands. For that purpose, a wide field of view makes all the difference, because you can spot that single Ridchard’s Pipit in a migratory flock of Meadow Pipits so much faster.

„The light intensity and wide field of view are simply incomparable.“ - Arjan Dwarshuis

What about the NL Pure’s shape and magnification? Are you satisfied?

I am very satisfied with the NL Pure’s shape. It fits your hand naturally and is balanced out perfectly. Furthermore, it just looks nice, like a Tesla or Starship Enterprise.

The magnification works well. I normally use the EL 10x32, but I must say this 8x does the trick as well. To be honest I did not really notice any difference when identifying distant birds, because the NL Pure makes up for the lower 8x magnification in light intensity tremendously.


Arjan Dwarshuis tried the brand new NL Pure in the Dunes of Amsterdam.

“My binoculars and my spotting scope are literally my most important possessions. I cannot do without them.” – Arjan Dwarshuis

What was your #onewithnature moment with the NL Pure?

I experienced my #onewithnature moment when I took the NL Pure out for the first time to my local patch: the Dunes of Amsterdam. It was an overcast day. My girlfriend and I went looking for Woodlarks and Bluethroats. With the NL Pure, the cloud cover seemed to disappear. I could even see plumage details in swifts that swooped overhead against a uniform grey sky. I was able to observe that woodlark in every detail. The light intensity and the field of view are absolutely amazing. Plus, it feels very natural in your hand, which makes it a pleasure to hold every time you pick it up.


Out in the Dunes of Amsterdam looking for Woodlarks and Bluethroats.

“Every bird you look at seems to change into gold with the NL Pure.” – Arjan Dwarshuis


Common Tern, Black-tailed Godwit


Black-tailed Godwit, Marsh Warbler

And one final question: What does nature mean to you?

Nature is my natural surroundings. It is where I feel most at home. I love the thrill of nature, the chance of the unexpected. Every day you go out you see something new. It is also the only place, where I can truly relax and forget about the stress of everyday life. And most importantly: it is where I go birding!

About the interviewee: Arjan Dwarshuis

Arjan Dwarshuis is a 34-year old birder and nature lover from Amsterdam. In 2016, he did his big year, setting a new world record when observing 6,852 bird species in 366 days. Besides the new NL Pure 8x42, Arjan relies on his EL 10x32 and his ATX spotting scope, which he finds of “unrivalled quality”. Arjan is sure, the new NL Pure will improve his nature experiences tremendously. He will definitely use them this autumn for counting migratory birds.

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