One with nature: the new NL Pure in the hands of James Lees

July 02 2020


One with nature: the new NL Pure in the hands of James Lees

James Lees, Nature Guide and Conservation Ranger in Ontario, Canada, was one of the first people to receive a pair of our brand-new NL Pure binoculars. Find out more what this British nature lover experienced with these binoculars.


„I love it.“ – James Lees, Conservation Ranger and Nature Guide, about the NL Pure


One with nature: starting off strong

The first time James tried the NL Pure, he was sitting out the front of his house. Suddenly a Great-blue Heron flew past perfectly lit by the setting sun. When the father of two lifted the NL Pure, he was absolutely blown away by the view. It was so intense, so perfect in colors and sharpness. He felt like he could reach out and touch the heron, although the bird was 100 meters away.




“I hope that I will use my NL Pure 7 days a weeks, 365 days a year.” – James Lees


One with the moment: SEE THE UNSEEN

It is precisely for such breath-taking experiences that the NL Pure was invented. The binoculars’ exceptional field of view let the observers immerse themselves completely in the scene far away. Suddenly, you become one with the moment and see the unseen. In James’ eyes, the large wide field of view also makes looking for birds in the forest high up in the canopy much easier and helps locate fast moving small birds. A great advantage for the ranger and nature guide.




“My whole life is either working outside conserving nature or in my free time out looking at nature with the family.” – James Lee


One with you: Ergonomic shape

What truly makes theses binoculars so unique are their unprecedented form. The ergonomically optimized shape fits perfectly in the hand. James was amazed by the perfect fit as well as the balance and comfort he experienced while observing with the NL Pure.




“The NL Pure is so comfortable to use. They just fit so nicely into my hands. They are balanced perfectly so that I can use them with just one hand!” – James Lees


One with perfection: Unparalleled optical performance

Thanks to razor-sharp contours on a high-contrast image, you can effortlessly identify every detail, however small it may be. The lenses of the NL Pure are covered by a special coating, which ensures excellent colour fidelity and high transmission. The resulting image is phenomenal.




“For me, binoculars are my tool for life and work. The better the binocular the more I see and the more I enjoy. So the NL Pure is going to dramatically improve my nature observations.” – James Lees


Find out more about the NL Pure which will hit stores in September 2020.


James Lees

Born in 1980 in the UK, James Lees has always been a nature enthusiast. He loves birding, photography, digiscoping, hiking, exploring wild areas – in short: all aspects of nature. James shares his passion for the outdoors with his growing family and everyone he meets. He is working as Conservation Ranger and Nature Guide for The Hamilton Conservation Authority in Ontario, Canada. Besides his recently acquired NL Pure 8x42, James loves his EL 10x42 binoculars and his ATX 25-60x85 spotting scope. The performance of the ATX - even in the worst light conditions - never fails to amaze him. It captures so much light that it makes digiscoping a fantastic experience.


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