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App for Android (in German and English)


The SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG app connects your mobile devices to the dG. The app is essential for activating the dG. It includes the following functions:


Managing basic settings such as camera settings

Installing the live stream facility on up to 5 smartphones or tablets

Transferring photos taken with the dG to all connected devices

Connecting to apps like Merlin Bird ID and dG Mammals

Snapshots and video recordings can be taken using the smartphone/tablet


The dG can store up to ten images provided there is an active Wi-Fi connection between the dG and the smartphone/tablet. If the connection to the dG app or another dG-compatible app is interrupted, for example because the app has been closed, up to ten images will be stored temporarily. As soon as the app is opened again, the images will be transferred to the app.

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