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Swarovski Optik

Available as an online game or as an app for Android (in German and English)

In brief

With the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Birding Game you can virtually observe over 14,000 different birds. Travel with us to five birding spots: Rutland Water in the UK, Cape May and Corpus Christi in the USA, the Neusiedlersee in Austria, and Extremadura in Spain. Users can choose from one of three levels of difficulty (beginner, birder, or advanced). Click on the silhouettes of the birds and you will see a picture of a bird for you to identify. You can also upload your own bird pictures and make them part of the game.


For all bird and nature-lovers who want to improve their bird identification skills.


Select settings

At the start of the game you can decide whether you want to play in German or English and download different locations.

Training mode

When you select this mode, pictures of different birds from a range of species found in the installed birding spot are randomly generated. You have four choices; click on “Birdbook” to find out more about the pictures.   

Game mode

In game mode you can select different levels of difficulty and your preferred birding location. A 360°-panorama picture displays white silhouettes of various birds. When you click on a bird, a large picture of it appears. You are given a choice of answers.

Points, login, registration

This is where your results are analyzed, and if you register and log in you can also upload pictures and enter high scores.

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