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Image Format

Landscape or portrait format?

The question with digiscoping is whether to use landscape or portrait format, which is mainly relevant to the camera alignment. If you are using the tripod, you can set the camera up in the position you want and the display options can be checked accordingly via the display or optical viewfinder.

  • © Dr. Jörg Kretzschmar
  • © Dr. Jörg Kretzschmar
  • © Dr. Jörg Kretzschmar

In photography, the issue of format is often paramount to the image’s impact. During the time of analog film, your average photographer was often limited in terms of the options available for editing images. Nowadays, digital images can be processed very quickly and simply on a PC and tailored to requirements. However, format is mainly a crucial factor in the case of (animal) portraits. For instance, if the head of an ibex is meant to be photographed in full format, portrait layout is generally a better option for this than landscape.

When using cameras with a very high resolution, it is possible to choose the selected section of the image retrospectively. Even if objects are relatively far away and take up only sections of the image, you can still produce good pictures from this.

But, as a general rule, you should already define the visual space, as far as possible, when taking the photo.